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  • Key Words Palynology / Pollen / Morphology / Development / Evolution of Development / Adaptations / Natural Selection / Developmental Constraints / Pollination Biology / Pollinatorss / Plant Mating Systems / Clonality / Sex Evolution / Herbivores

    In my research, I am interested in the relationship linking variation, which is the raw material for evolution, and natural selection, which is driving it. I am interested in the setting of natural variation, being it neutral (molecular markers) and either allowing for investigation of the life history of a species or its diversity (along with the question of crop genetic resources), or even more when the variation is responsible for a modification in a phenotype.

    In the latter case, I am particularly interested in the impact of selection on the structure of variation and at a larger scale, on diversity. Indeed, the layout resulting from evolution is far from being explained: the paradox of selective fluctuations and the appearance of long term trends is still a modern issue. We still have to investigate the influence of constraints upon phenotypes due to development, while we are also lacking information as to what should happen when populations are under diverse selection regimes opposing beneficial polymorphisms, a phenomenon which should even impact genome structure.

    My experience is mostly empirical, with methods based on natural observatiuons and/or on complimentary experiments and hypothese testing, either at a very local scale (natural and/or experimental populations) or at a more global scale (historical and phylogenetic).

    Other Academic and related interests Genetics, Cultivated Plants Domestication, Ethnobotany, Botany, Orchids, Asparagales, Monocots, Natural Sciences, Evolution, History and Epistemology of sciences, Entomology, Science & Society, Pseudosciences, Public Perception of Sciences, Science Communication


    Ashman, T-L; Penet, L. Direct and indirect effects of a sex-biased antagonist on male and female fertility: consequences for reproductive trait evolution in gender dimorphic plant. American Naturalist (in press). Abstract - Ask for a reprint

    Nadot, S; Forchioni, A; Penet, L; Sannier, J; Ressayre, A. 2006. Links between early pollen development and aperture pattern in monocots. Protoplasma 228 (1-3): 55-64. Abstract - Ask for a reprint

    Penet, L; Nadot, S; Ressayre, A; Forchioni, A; Dreyer, L; Gouyon, PH. 2005. Multiple developmental pathways leading to a single morph: Monosulcate pollen (examples from the Asparagales). Annals Of Botany 95 (2): 331-343. Abstract - Ask for a reprint

    Elias, M; Penet, L; Vindry, P; McKey, D; Panaud, O; Robert, T. 2001. Unmanaged sexual reproduction and the dynamics of genetic diversity of a vegetatively propagated crop plant, cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz), in a traditional farming system. Molecular Ecology 10 (8): 1895-1907. Abstract - Ask for a reprint



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